The Undertaker Net Worth: Biography And Career

As of March 2024, The Undertaker has an estimated net worth of around $17 million.

The legendary wrestler, Mark William Calaway, who was part of WWE, is considered one of the best professional wrestlers ever.

What is The Undertaker’s net worth?

Net Worth: $17 Million
Age: 54
Born: March 24, 1965
Gender: Male
Height: 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Wrestler


The Undertaker Net Worth
Early Life 

Mark William Calaway was born on the 24th of March, 1965, in Houston, Texas.

Calaway is the son of Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Cathrine Truby.

He attended Waltrip High School where he was a member of the football and basketball teams. 

In 1985, Calaway enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1986, Calaway dropped out of university to focus on a career in sports, and he briefly considered playing professional basketball in Europe before deciding to focus on professional wrestling. 

The Undertaker Career.

A year later, he joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Vince McMahon gave him the name “Kane the Undertaker.”

In November 1990, he had his first match with WWF and won against Mario Mancini in a one-on-one fight.

His debut on television happened during the Survivor Series event, where he teamed up with Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Team.

When The Undertaker first appeared on TV, he defeated Dusty Rhodes, although his team won the overall match. After that, he dropped the “Kane” part of his name and became simply known as The Undertaker.

In 1991, The Undertaker made his debut at WrestleMania VII and began a major feud with The Ultimate Warrior. During the King of the Ring event, he defeated Animal but had a double disqualification against Sid Vicious in the semifinal.

At the age of 26, The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan to win his first WWF Championship. He also headlined the debut episode of Monday Night Raw in January 1993, defeating Damien Demento.

Later, he faced Yokozuna in a WWF Championship casket match in 1994. Despite being sealed in the casket, green smoke emerged, teasing his “rebirth.”

After a seven-month absence, The Undertaker returned at WrestleMania X. He continued his feud with Yokozuna and defeated him in a cage match with Chuck Norris as the special guest enforcer.

His rivalry with Mankind reached its peak at the 1996 King of the Ring event.

The Undertaker’s personal life:

  1. Marriages and Family:
    • First Wife: Jodi Lynn (married from 1989 to 1999). They have a son named Gunner Vincent Calaway (born in 1993).
    • Second Wife: Sara Frank (married in 2000). They have two daughters, Chasey and Gracie Calaway, but eventually divorced in 2007.
    • Third Wife: Michelle McCool (married in 2010). They have a daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway (born in 2012) and an adopted son named Kolt.
  2. Friendship Circle:
    • In the 1990s, The Undertaker formed a backstage group called the Bone Street Krew. Members included fellow wrestlers like Yokozuna, Savio Vega, Charles Wright, The Godwinns, and Rikishi. They all had the initials “BSK” tattooed on themselves, with The Undertaker’s prominently displayed across his stomach.
  3. Business Ventures:
    • The Undertaker invests in real estate with his business partner, Scott Everhart. Together, they completed construction on a $2.7 million building in Loveland, Colorado, known as “The Calahart” (a combination of their last names).
  4. Passions and Interests:
    • The Undertaker is a fan of boxing and mixed martial arts, which he incorporated into his wrestling personas (such as the American Badass and the hybrid Deadman).
    • He practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu and holds a black belt earned in 2011.
    • Additionally, he supports the Blue Lives Matter countermovement, advocating for the protection of police officer.

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