Discovering Rey Mysterio Net Worth,Biography And Career.

Born on December 11, 1974, in Chula Vista, California, Rey Mysterio, whose real name is Óscar Gutiérrez, immersed himself in the wrestling world from an early age.

At just 14 years old, he took up wrestling in Mexico, learning the Lucha Libre style under the guidance of his uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr. Shortly thereafter, he embarked on his professional wrestling journey, starting with a brief stint in the AAA promotion in Mexico.

Rey Mysterio Career.

After spending a year with Extreme Championship Wrestling, Rey Mysterio joined World Championship Wrestling, establishing himself as a professional cruiserweight wrestler. During this period, he secured three Cruiserweight Championships, with his third title being claimed by Chris Jericho at Souled Out.

Following his unmasking in 1998, Mysterio performed in the ring for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and the independent circuit. In 2002, he made his return to World Wrestling Entertainment, facing off against wrestling giants Randy Orton and Dave Bautista.

In 2007, Rey Mysterio achieved the prestigious title of World Heavyweight Champion, marking the beginning of a successful run over the subsequent years. His popularity soared, making him one of the most beloved wrestlers of his time.

Beyond his in-ring appearances, Rey Mysterio also featured in over a dozen WWE wrestling video games.

Rey Mysterio’s Career Earnings.

Rey Mysterio, through his consistent professional wrestling career, earns a regular salary in addition to various brand endorsement deals. Within WWE, his annual salary amounts to a reported $174,000, which will grow further through commissions from product sales and other business ventures.

Additionally, royalties from WWE DVD sales and video games contribute to Rey Mysterio’s annual income and Rey Mysterio net worth.

 Rey Mysterio Personal Life.

Rey Mysterio shares his life with Angie Gutierrez, and together, they have a son named Dominic and a daughter named Aalyah.

In 2007, Sports Illustrated, a publication known for featuring some of the world’s wealthiest models, revealed that Mysterio had used steroids, resulting in a 30-day suspension.

Rey Mysterio maintains a strong connection with his fans through his official Instagram account, which boasts four million followers

Rey Mysterio, an American professional wrestler and entrepreneur, has achieved numerous wrestling accolades throughout his career.
In addition, he actively participates in various media projects, including video games and movie roles.
As of March 2024, experts estimate his net worth to be $10 Million.

Awards And Achievements.

  • 1996: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter names Rey Mysterio the Most Outstanding Wrestler.
  • 1999: In the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500, he ranks No. 4 among the top 500 best singles wrestlers.
  • 2008: Rey Mysterio claims his first World Heavyweight Championship from the WWE.
  • 2008: Alongside Kane, he is selected for the Worst Feud of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  • 2010: He enters the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame for his contributions to wrestling.

These awards and honors solidify Rey Mysterio’s position as one of wrestling’s prominent figures, recognizing his significant impact on the sport and Rey Mysterio net worth.

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